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Luna Galaxy Lamp

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Transform your space and improve your mood. Travel to a place of peace and tranquility—another world,
full of wonder and amazement, without even moving an inch. Whether it’s your living room, your bedroom,
or your own special place, the Galaxy Lamp is perfect for any space?

With satellite images and designs straight from NASA’s lab, you’ll be transported to a place of harmony and awe.
You’ll stay connected to our planet though because the Galaxy Lamp is earth-friendly, chemical-free,
and completely safe for children and pets, so you can be perfectly at peace.

The Perfect Gift
An ideal gift for every occasion (birthdays, family events, special events). Suitable for children, family, friends, a loved one,
or even just to pamper yourself. It’s unique. It’s different. The Galaxy Lamp By Luna Lamp brings a whole new world into your world.

Why The Luna Galaxy Lamp?
it's eco-friendly - 3d printed
it's safe for kids, safe for pats
it's chemical-free
it's perfect for ANY room in your home
The Luna Galaxy Lamp is truly relaxing. Put on some soft sound, put away all the extra stuff in your space.
Feel the stress go away as the senses of relief and accomplishment slowly set in.

Light green check.svgOne Lamp 16 Beautiful Colors
Choose your mood and choose your color, from a wide selection of dazzling shades.
Make the change and adjust the brightness by simply pressing a user-friendly remote.


16 different colors – easy touch remote to change colors
long-lasting – on only one USB charge you’ll get the power that can last for up to 10 hours
eco-friendly – ABS thermoplastic, 100% safe for children and pets


SIze:2 different size (3 in - 15 cm & 8 in - 22 cm)
Materiel: 100% eco-friendly ABS
Charging time: 2 to 3 hours - USB charger included
Sensor Touch ON/OFF: 3 different lighting
Remote control: 16 colors, adjustable brightness
Work Time off the plug: Up to 10 hours battery life
Can be used while plugged
Model:Painted ball, remote control 16 colors


1 x Galaxy Lamp
1 x Wooden Stand
1 x Remote Control
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

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Yderligere information

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