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S3 High frequency Massage gun muscle relax body relaxation Electric massager with portable bag for fitness Phoenix

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Crush lactic acid deep pleasure,
Muscle Massager:
The massager is equipped with four different shapes of massage heads.
30 Files Adjustment:
1-6 files: Light massage
7-12 files: Middle massage
13-18 files: Muscle awakening
19-24 files: Fascia relaxation
25-30 files: Professional mode
Quiet brushless motor

High power and low noise

High-power brushless motor
Provide continuous power for massage.

24V 2500mAh 30 Speed.


S3 version:
prodcut weight:1.5kg(net weight:0.8kg)
Files:30 files
Head:6 heads
Input voltage:110-240v
Power supply:lithium battery
battery capacity:2400mAh
control:LCD touch screen
appearance:with pattern
Option:Carbon Black,Black,Gray-Sliver.


This massage gun is developed and produced by us,We have reserved high speed,
high quality massage head and large capacity battery.Removed useless lights
and other unnecessary massage heads.It's currently a cost-effective product on the market.


1set * High frequency Massage gun

(The more detail ,pls see th pic show)

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Yderligere information

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